Innovative loyalty strategies to optimize
retention in service departments
at car dealerships.

Marketing Planning

An innovative and creative plan aimed and respecting
the needs of each of your customers.


A transparent and complete portal that informs you about the statistics
of the call center, as well as the performance of marketing campaigns.

Our services

marketing plan

Our specialized team will guide you in the design of your annual marketing plan, in the segmentation of your database, in the choice of personalized offers and in the management of shipments.

Incoming call Department service

Do not lose any more calls, free your entire service team and increase your CSI by entrusting us with all your incoming calls for the service department. Our agents will take the time to answer each of your customers and thus, make an appointment with each one of them!

Outgoing calls

Relaunch all your customers, very personalized, efficient and stable! Our retention strategy has several components to target each customer in your database, which will increase your overall retention.

Inventory Management Parts

We will help you improve your room management in many ways, such as ordering, parts received, parts not available, tire sales and more!

Confirmation of

Improve the number of customers present at their appointments by confirming their presence in advance. We offer voice or digital confirmation, according to your preferences!

Personalized access to our customer portal

Our customer portal is designed specifically to represent all the necessary information regarding the statistics of our call center, your marketing campaigns, your database cleaning and many other relevant information!

Turn your data into loyal customers.

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